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 “I am absolutely delighted that our students had the opportunity to take part in this project. It was wonderful to see the mosaic grow and also the skills the students learnt and used to develop the pieces. I would love to have been a member of the group. It was fantastic that our students had this chance to work with professional artists in a team environment and contribute in a very positive and real way to the local community by creating something as beautiful as this mosaic. The project demonstrates the importance of providing outlets for our young people to demonstrate their creativity and have their skills and talents on public display. It shows, if given the chances, what an amazing contribution our young people make to our communities and the wider society, and how important the arts are to unlocking potential.
 I am very proud of our students, and I am sure that our local community will be delighted to have locally created art and also impressed by the high quality and standard of the mosaic. Hopefully the contribution by Hounslow Manor students will be seen and remembered for years to come.”
Anjali Sakhardande, Headteacher, Hounslow Manor School

“It was amazing! At the beginning when I saw others people's work I thought that I can't do it, it's too hard... But things got changed over weeks thanks to Sue and Susie. Sue and Susie came in and teach us different things about mosaic and stuff like this... If I have the opportunity to do this again I will start right now! I would like to say a big to thank you Sue, Susie and to our school who support us!”
Anamaria, Hounslow Manor School

“This workshop was brilliant. It was really fun and creative. We made different types of mosaics.”
Shifa, Orchard Primary School

 "The process was tricky, but a lot of fun.”
Millahat, Hounslow Manor School

 “I enjoyed the workshop because it boosted my skill and knowledge in mosaic art. It was a great experience and I hope someday this wonderful thing will happen again.”
Aurimas, Hounslow Manor School

 “The mosaics were all beautiful and when we added it altogether they were outstanding. I can’t wait to see my mosaic and others in Holloway Street.”
Naomi, Orchard Primary School

 “I liked it because I had lots of fun creating my mosaic. I made a purple and silver mosaic.”
Leyla, Orchard Primary School

 “The mosaic workshops have been very successful and the resulting artwork is of a very high standard.  The students had a fabulous time and I feel very proud of them all, each having achieved highly and bringing their own individual style to the complete piece.
  The visiting artists expressed how talented our students are and that they had a really good experience at Hounslow Manor.
 The students and all at Hounslow manor really appreciated this opportunity and Sue and Susie made the experience fun and the students learnt a fantastic new skill. Thank you so much.”
Gil Turner, Art Teacher, Hounslow Manor Secondary School

 “Over the past few weeks of doing mosaic, I feel as if I have learnt a lot and expanded my knowledge in the mosaic world. Near the beginning, we used simpler templates but as the weeks progressed on, our mosaics became more and more detailed and complicated. [Sue and Susie were great and they help us make our work look even better than it was.] I’ve really enjoyed this project and there were no boundaries to our creativity… it was a great experience and I really enjoyed it.”
Shayma, Hounslow Manor School

 "I think the artists are doing a great job coming here and teaching us different things about mosaic and stuff like this."
Anamarie, Hounslow Manor School


London Borough of Hounslow